One Last Pendulum Trip

As we pack up and get ready to leave for Austin, I have a mixture of anticipation, excitement and nervousness. This is my last trip with The Pendulum organization, which is a weird feeling for me since I have been attending similar trips since my freshman year at Elon.

Because of that, I am familiar with how they run and what types of sessions will be offered. I would like to continue to get a little refresher or overview of a variety of journalism-related topics, including photography, design and multimedia. I feel like my knowledge on how to write particular types of stories, such as news or features, is already pretty solid so I am not planning on attending many sessions like that. It would be nice to learn more about managing people in the workplace, since I have been doing that for some time now and it would be great to hear some tips on how to improve there.

Other than attending sessions, I hope to network with professionals, get my resume and cover letter critiqued, bond more with the other girls from staff that are attending the conference and get the paper looked at by other journalists. It is always great to hear their feedback; last year all they suggested was maybe a different font for cutlines and larger headlines, so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say this time around.

And of course…there is the coveted Pacemaker award that we are a finalist for and are waiting to see if we won. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, but we have a great product and a fantastic staff supporting it and I know all of the tireless work that went into it, so I think we have a solid chance. See you after Austin!

– Andie Diemer


One thought on “One Last Pendulum Trip

  1. Great, Andie! Savor it all.

    Please give the group members a challenge for one half of one day to launch yourselves independently and make connections with at least one person from another university. Then assemble everyone in the extended group for lunch or dinner somewhere. Half the fun of a conference is meeting and learning about students from other schools.

    This is what journalists ought to do anyway. Plus, it’s fun. And it’s good for Elon’s growing reputation.

    Hi to everyone.

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